Sleepsterlite - Ambient Sounds

Sleepsterlite - Ambient Sounds

(56 stars) 66 ratingsDownloads: 10,000 - 50,000

Price: FREEPlatform: Android Developer: SSK Tech size: 4.85 MB


Sleepster. Relax. Sleep Soundly. Wake up Refreshed and Rejuvinated...

Sleepster is extremely easy to use; Choose a sound, set the timer, press play, go to sleep.

Sleepster isn't just a sleep aid; use it for Yoga, Tai-Chi, Storytelling, Romantic Dinners, Massage, a wide variety of Social Gatherings, and anything else you can think of that requires soothing sounds. Tell us what you use Sleepster for!

-9 beautifully looped ambient sounds
-Gorgeous Backgrounds
-Continually plays in the background
-Sleep Timer, will close the app and save battery/memory
-Volume Control
-Brightness Control
-Move app to SD card

Available Sounds:
Bamboo Chimes - Chimes Chiming
Wind Chimes - Chimes, Distant Birds
White Noise - White Noise
Crickets - Crickets Chirping
Drip - Faucet Dripping
Fire - Crackling Fire
Nightingale - Nightingales Singing
Heavy Rain - Heavy Downpour
Bubbling Creek - Bubbling Over Rocks

Upgrade to the paid version and receive 18 bonus sounds:
Airplane - Airplane Mid-Flight
Beach - Wave Crash, Seagulls
Brown Noise - Brown Noise
Dark Noise - Dark Noise
Green Noise - Green Noise
Pink Noise - Pink Noise
Fan(Hi) - Fan on Hi Setting
Fan(Low) - Fan on Low Setting
Fan(Med) - Fan on Med Setting
Heart Beat - Heart Beating
Patio Rain - Patio Pitter Patter
Soft Rain - Constant Soft Rain
Forest Stream - Stream, Distant Birds
Snow Stream - Melted Snow Rushing
Thunderstorm - Thunder, Rain, Wind
Grandfather Clock - Tick Tock, Gears
Train - Passing Train
Wind - Wind Blowing

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Q - This app is huge, how do I move it to the SD card?
A - Press Menu Key->Settings->Applications->Manage Applications and choose Sleepster. Then just press [Move To SD] and that should save you a few MBs.

Q - Can you add a "______ Sound"?
A - Maybe, we're always open to suggestions, send us an email.

Q - Why did the app force close on me?
A - If you experience a force close please provide us with some details of what you were doing before the force close happened, so we can fix it in a future release.

Q - Why does the sound stop when the screen is off?
A - We've explicitly developed the app so that the sound will continue playing even if the screen is off. If the sound stops playing when your screen is off please send us an email, and we'll see about making the app work properly on your device.

Q - This app sucks I'm gonna throw this ninja star at you guys!
A - There's a saying that goes "5 stars will do more damage than 1 star."

Recently changed

Now Ad supported Timer now supports 2, 4, 8, 12, 24 hours


Sleepsterlite - Ambient Sounds screenshot for AndroidSleepsterlite - Ambient Sounds screenshot for AndroidSleepsterlite - Ambient Sounds screenshot for AndroidSleepsterlite - Ambient Sounds screenshot for AndroidSleepsterlite - Ambient Sounds screenshot for Android
(56 stars) 66 ratings
Downloads: 10,000 - 50,000
Price: FREE
Platform: Android
size: 4.85 MB

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