happn – Local dating app

happn – Local dating app

(72 stars) 716,573 ratingsDownloads: 10,000,000 - 50,000,000

Price: FREEPlatform: Android Developer: happn size: 14.29 MB


Give synchronicity a helping hand

Everyone remembers the one that got away, that fleeting connection in an airport or a party that held so much promise before disappearing into the ether. If both of you had had happn, perhaps today you'd be taking the border collie for walks together.

happn is a clever new dating/meeting-people app that works on the principle of proximity. When you and another happn user are close to each other, you'll each pop up on each other's screen. Indicate to the app whether you fancy them, and if they do the same, bing! It's a match, and the app will let you know. You're nearby, so why not use the app's chat feature to meet up for a coffee right then and there? The app will also let you know how many times you've crossed paths, as well as any friends you have in common.

For my taste, happn is a little invasive. Even when I'm looking for a new partner, I'm simply not looking all the time, and I'm a little uncomfortable with the idea of my approximate location being broadcast to those nearby. However, we're living more and more in an age where we're giving up privacy in exchange for connection, so I'm certain happn will find an interesting audience. It's free, so give it a whirl and see who's around.


  • Prevent missed connections
  • Meet people you never would have otherwise
  • Simple as can be
  • Original


  • Could be seen as invasive
  • The other person has to have the app installed!

Recently changed

This is your chance to get noticed! Tap on “Say Hi” to tell someone that you’d like to chat and get more chances to Crush! We have lots of surprises awaiting you, don’t miss any of them by turning on your updates! :-)


happn – Local dating app screenshot for Androidhappn – Local dating app screenshot for Androidhappn – Local dating app screenshot for Androidhappn – Local dating app screenshot for Androidhappn – Local dating app screenshot for Android


(72 stars) 716,573 ratings
Downloads: 10,000,000 - 50,000,000
Price: FREE
Platform: Android
size: 14.29 MB

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