Feedly - Get Smarter

Feedly - Get Smarter

(72 stars) 285,970 ratingsDownloads: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000

Price: FREEPlatform: Android Developer: Feedly Team size: 15.66 MB


A feed of breaking news


Feedly provides an intuitive and effective way to stay connected to breaking news from your favorites sources. You can either add your sources manually or subscribe to the ones Feedly suggests you in different categories. Organize it at your own whim by creating folders and adding tags. Feedly provides an folder-tree style overview with all the folders and sources and, next to it, a handy counter of unread posts. In addition, it includes gestures so you can navigate through categories, mark posts as read, save them for later or see its details with just one finger.


Feedly makes really easy to add and discover new content. The interface provides both an intuitive and smooth navigation. It's highly customizable: you can switch themes and choose among different views (magazine, cards, lists...). What's more, you can connect your social network accounts for making easier sharing interesting content with your circles. The perfect balance between functionality and design.


We are missing more themes and look and feel features. It has only one widget size (4x2).

Original review from June 26, 2013:

Since Google announced the shutting of Google Reader service for July 1st 2013, Feedly has developed its own RSS subscription. Now you can directly add your sources from Feedly, which works autonomously. That's the final step it was lacking which has made it a comprehensive reading tool, and the favorite of most of disenchanted hard-GReader users. In addition, Feedly's scenery has been enhanced regarding smoothness, accessibility and customization.

First off, you can log in with any of your Gmail accounts in order to sync your RSS list. If you haven't added any RSS to your account yet, you can do it also from the app or choose the presets categories that Feedly suggests you. It's true that there are heaps of RSS reader for Android, each one with their specific features. Feedly added value lies on simplicity, cuteness, multi-platform and a self-made RSS subscription system.

Simplicity due to reading is as easy as swiping between RSS entries, tap on categories, select the one you prefer and start again. You can open/close, add to read it later, remove a source, share, copy article URL, change format... among other features.

Cute because it's set on a sober and good-looking layout with cool screen transitions. What's more, it is fast on loading images and in switching from one article to the next. You can go to the original article without leaving the app (there's a browser integrated).

Multi-platform because there are iOS, Android, Chrome and Mozilla versions which made keeping up-to-date even easier since all these versions are synced. Thus, anything you read on your mobile device will appear as "already read" when you check Feedly on your browser later.

Feedly is an example of how a cute app, with basic features can become a great one if the developer focus on make it usable. That's what Feedly Team did. Must-have.

Original rating: 9.0/10


  • Easy to add and discover new content
  • User-friendly and smooth interface
  • Connect social networks and third-party apps
  • Multi-platform


  • Only one widget size
  • Missing more customization features

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(72 stars) 285,970 ratings
Downloads: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
Price: FREE
Platform: Android
size: 15.66 MB

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