Reddit: The Official App

Reddit: The Official App

(74 stars) 247,535 ratingsDownloads: 5,000,000 - 10,000,000

Price: FREEPlatform: Android Developer: reddit Inc. size: 5.68 MB


The real Reddit


After relying on third-party developed apps, Reddit has finally launched its own official client app for mobile. The new app is cleaner and more modern-looking than Reddit's website and Alien Blue, with clear menus that show your subreddit subscriptions and account settings.

That said, there are some bugs that need to be addressed, and some tweaks to make it overall more usable and more customizable would be highly appreciated.


The inbox is well managed, the subscribed subreddits are well sorted, the feed interface is very user friendly and pleasant to look at, the app overall is generally easy to navigate. Fans of Alien Blue's dark theme won't be disappointed - it's available here too.

It also includes a “card view” option to better showcase rich media content, and support for customizable subreddits.


The app really lacks customizability, like font and text size, comment formatting, behavior settings, the ability to format comment/post interfaces, etc. It's also a bit tricky to keep track of individual comment karma

Bugginess and crashing are also big issues that need to be addressed.


  • Attractive interface
  • Well organised inbox and subreddits
  • User-friendly, easy to navigate


  • Lacks customizability
  • Some UX flaws
  • Bugs

Recently changed

2.1.11 * Bug fixes 2.1.10 * You can now tap the domain name on a post to navigate directly to the source content in a web view 2.1.9 * We've now switched to bottom tabs for navigation - no more crowded hamburger menu! * Comment options are now accessible via a dedicated overflow menu * Check out the new Featured carousel to discover great new content * Bug fixes & performance improvements


Reddit: The Official App screenshot for AndroidReddit: The Official App screenshot for AndroidReddit: The Official App screenshot for AndroidReddit: The Official App screenshot for AndroidReddit: The Official App screenshot for Android
(74 stars) 247,535 ratings
Downloads: 5,000,000 - 10,000,000
Price: FREE
Platform: Android
size: 5.68 MB

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