Boom Beach

Boom Beach

(72 stars) 242,937 ratings

Price: FREEPlatform: foriPhone Developer: Supercell size: 142.36 MB


Beach Attack

Welcome to Boom Beach, a strategy management game where you're in war against the Blackguard.

Firstly, we'd recommend to follow the tutorial and get familiar with the app's surroundings and its features. Explore your land, build attacking towers and protect your land from the evil enemies. Watch the fights, earn rewards and immerse yourself in this appealing adventure which will help you discover new locations and become a powerful army.

Navigate from island to island, play against other users and progress through the different levels and see how the story evolves.

Boom Beach's graphics are excellent and classic, perfectly smooth at all times.

Supercell is the developer of Boom Beach, a free game with some in-app purchases which can be disabled. Download and get addicted!


  • Excellent design
  • Engaging storyline


  • Not everyone enjoys the genre

Recently changed

NEW - New Hero - Dr. Kavan the jolly tribal medic with abilities including Crystal Critters, Ice Shield, and Second Wind! - Blackguard Base Builder - Hammerman’s newest creation allows you to create Blackguard Bases and test them out in real time! - Tribes - Available for HQ20+, you can now support the Tribal sectors and gain new bonuses via the map! - Endless Reserves - Monthly subscription granting unlimited instant troop training! (gold cost still applies) BALANCING - Machine Guns now have a small blind zone - Sgt. Brick - Attack damage increased, and Iron Will damage reduction now scales with level - Cpt. Everspark - Attack damage increased, Demo Charge damage increased and has an area of effect CHANGES - Messages may now be hidden in Task Force chat by Officers - Distress beacons added for locked Heroes BUG FIXES - Trader Notifications - Trader Reward screen occasionally getting stuck after receiving 5 rewards - Hero Perks now scale with level


Boom Beach screenshot for iPhoneBoom Beach screenshot for iPhoneBoom Beach screenshot for iPhoneBoom Beach screenshot for iPhone
(72 stars) 242,937 ratings
Price: FREE
Platform: foriPhone
size: 142.36 MB

+ By Supercell

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