MARVEL Contest of Champions

MARVEL Contest of Champions

(72 stars) 230,114 ratings

Price: FREEPlatform: foriPhone Developer: Kabam size: 943.91 MB


The Avengers Fight


If you're a fan of the Marvel comics and its different heroes, you'll love MARVEL Contest of Champions. It's a fun action game where you'll have the chance to put your fighting powers to the test.

The game has a series of fights, where you've got to make the best team possible in order to beat Kang and Thanos. You'll easily pick up how the game works and the different type of attacks you can use, but what is difficult is combining them so that you become the best fighter in the Marvel world.


The game's design and its graphics are fantastic. It looks like you are watching a superhero movie, and you can also become part of it. The tutorial is useful and it'll get you stuck right into this amazing adventure, where you take part in the Marvel world and where anything is possible. After winning the fights, you'll get rewards and power-ups which will help you get even better and move your fighters up to the next level.

The game has got a range of challenges, grouped by story or individual events, so it isn't likely that you get bored; there will always be a battle you can take part in.


In spite of the amout of detail and routes ahead, Marvel Contest of Champions could get a bit repetitive when it comes to the gameplay. Even so, technically it's just spectacular.


  • Well developed
  • Perfect graphics
  • Fun and well finished


  • A bit repetitive

Recently changed

The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Zero Quest, Rocket’s Scrapyard and Rocket’s Workshop release May 3! New Quest: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Zero: The Guardians of the Galaxy have been roped into salvaging Kang the Conqueror's ravaged ship in order to repair a very important McGuffin. This mission won't be a walk in the park though; the Guardians have been time-warped all the way back to the beginning of The Contest in the year 2014, and must fight their way back to the present, all while dealing with interruptions from their “friends” Yondu and Nebula! Prepare for some classic Contest nostalgia in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Zero! Rocket’s Scrapyard & Workshop Rocket Raccoon is hunting for Scrap all across the Battlerealm, and he needs your help! Collect Scrap in Rocket’s all new Scrapyard Quests, and spend it in Rocket’s Workshop! Rocket’s Workshop features prized items for the taking, but only for those who can collect enough Scrap to trade in at Rocket’s new Scrap powered Gates. Make sure to spend your Scrap, as it won’t be useful once Rocket packs up his Workshop! Alliance Quest Updates: • Season 4 of Alliance Quests is here and we’ve made improvements to the mode for players of all experience levels • Maps are refreshed with weekly variations to keep Alliances on their toes and the challenges fresh • Conquer Dormammu and collect rewards as he replaces Kang the Conqueror as the Alliance Quest boss • New set of Conqueror Rewards will be available for overcoming the boss in each map! • Introducing Glory, a new currency that can be redeemed for Tier 4 Catalysts and other rare items! • Play Alliance Quests and single player content with the same team of heroes. Maps 1 & 2 no longer lock Champions into Alliance Quests, so you can continue to use those Champions in other modes! Character Update: • Shock Damage now qualifies as Energy Damage New Language Added: • Now supporting Arabic! For more details on this exciting new update, head to our blog: playcontestofchampions.com/news/


MARVEL Contest of Champions screenshot for iPhoneMARVEL Contest of Champions screenshot for iPhoneMARVEL Contest of Champions screenshot for iPhoneMARVEL Contest of Champions screenshot for iPhoneMARVEL Contest of Champions screenshot for iPhone
(72 stars) 230,114 ratings
Price: FREE
Platform: foriPhone
size: 943.91 MB

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