Star Wars™: Commander

Star Wars™: Commander

(72 stars) 252,865 ratings

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Clash of Empires Striking Back

Love Clash of Clans? You're in luck! The combat strategy of Star Wars: Commander is just like Clash of Clans, but way better - plus it has Darth Vader.

The objective is simple: build your based, defend it, and destroy your enemies. The mechanics of the game are actually fairly complex, since there are many different unit types, buildings, and various resources - but the built-in tutorial is comprehensive, bringing you up to speed quickly. Graphics are super high quality and there's a ton of excellent voice acting that brings the game to life.

Awesome: you can choose your side, fighting for either the Rebellion or the Empire. Double awesome: fight with (or against) friends and random players. Triple awesome: an unfolding storyline that includes many of your favorite Star Wars elements and characters. The only un-awesome thing: a system built to penalize you with either time restraints or rampant IAPs.

Star Wars: Commander is a great choice if you loved Clash of Clans and other combat strategy titles.


  • Ultra high quality visuals and voice acting
  • Unfolding Star Wars storyline
  • PvP mode
  • Choose to fight with the Rebellion or the Empire


  • IAP system

Recently changed

Come celebrate 40 years in a galaxy far, far away in this limited-time Star Wars: 40th Anniversary event! Collect new Death Star Crates to earn rewards inspired by the film, including new droids and unique abilities for heroes! New Hero Equipment: • Lord Vader - When activated, this equipment allows Darth Vader to bring troopers of the 501st Legion with him into battle. • Artoo & Threepio - With this equipment, R2-D2 closes in and stuns enemy turrets, with C-3PO by his side! New Support Units: • Imperial Astromedic - Heals Empire infantry in battle. • WED Treadwell Repair Droid - Repairs Rebel vehicles in battle. 4.9.1: Fixed loading issue affecting some players.


Star Wars™: Commander screenshot for iPhoneStar Wars™: Commander screenshot for iPhoneStar Wars™: Commander screenshot for iPhoneStar Wars™: Commander screenshot for iPhone
(72 stars) 252,865 ratings
Price: FREE
Platform: foriPhone
size: 178.48 MB

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