The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

(72 stars) 1,037 ratings

Price: FREEPlatform: foriPad Developer: Bethesda size: 1286.72 MB


A deep and satisfying CCG


The Elder Scrolls: Legends brings CCG-style gameplay and cards based in the The Elder Scrolls universe. If you’ve played popular CCGs like Hearthstone, you’ll quickly know what to do. In each turn, you’ll lay down your cards such as minions to attack your enemy. You can buff up fellow minions and take out others using your minions or special attacks, with the objective being to eliminate the other player by attacking their portrait. Soon enough, however, you’re forced into lanes, where you’ll take on enemies only in that lane.


The Elder Scrolls: Legends provides great-looking hand-drawn graphics with a Middle Ages imperial feel, along with a solid soundtrack, wonderfully deep and challenging gameplay that does start off slow but gets good if you stick with it, making for a CCG game worth trying out.


At 1.30 GB, this is a very heavy game, so make sure you make some space, plus this game just feels too much like Hearthstone, right down to the combat and card systems. Plus, the game may be just too slow at the start for more casual gamers.


  • Good-looking hand-drawn graphics
  • Sports a solid soundtrack
  • Simple, fun, challenging, deep, and very addicting


  • Very, very heavy game
  • Feels too much like Hearthstone
  • May turn off casual players

Recently changed

Game Update In case you missed it, The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood launched last week! We’ve closely followed the community’s feedback on the official forums and our social channels and are introducing fixes that address common issues players are encountering. If you haven’t already purchased The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood, you begin the campaign today in two ways: • Triple Bundle: Get all three maps and all the new Fall of the Dark Brotherhood content for $19.99. • Single Maps: Play through the first map for $7.99 or 1,000 in-game Gold. After you complete the first map, the second and third maps become available for purchase. • BONUS: Doom Wolf Mount in The Elder Scrolls Online o When you purchase all three maps, you’ll be granted a Doom Wolf mount in The Elder Scrolls Online! Navigate to the Dark Brotherhood menu, click on the “Get code for The Elder Scrolls Online” button, and redeem your code on The Elder Scrolls Online website to claim your Doom Wolf mount. Please note, this mount is redeemable on PC only. Bug Fixes • Gameplay o Creatures with the Slay keyword will now reliably apply the bonus effect granted by it. Looking at you, Lucien Lachance. o We had a bone to pick with Grim Champion. This skeleton’s ability (when a creature in this lane dies, Grim Champion gains +1/+1) will no longer apply to the Reanimated version of itself when destroyed in a Reanimation Lane (return non-Reanimated creatures to play as 1/1 on death). o In Ranked Play, Legend rank no longer unintentionally carries over between seasons. • Interface o Priest of the Hour, Claw Kingpin, King Barynia, and Monsters of Wayrest Plains are no longer missing some letters during their clash animations. o Arenthil Wethrin is no longer missing the "A" in his name during the clash animation. Apologies have been made to Renthil Wethrin. o The clash animation no longer sometimes displays names too early, lingering on the playmat. o The Doom Wolf code display window will now show the entire code. Previously, certain combinations of characters in the code could obscure the last characters. o Some premium versions of cards that were not playing all premium visual effects have been given a premium going-over. o Players will no longer get stuck at the Ranked Season Reward pop-up on the Main Menu. o Players will no longer receive an error when attempting to view the credits. - Alternatively, new feature: game credits! •Localization o Dawnstar Healer’s voice acting career has been put on hold: he no longer has different voices saying the same line when summoned and attacking. o Russian: Sewer Monsters are no longer missing some letters during the clash animation. o French: Les Corsaires are no longer missing the “L” in their name during the clash animation. o Italian: Hilltop Giant is no longer missing some letters during the clash animation.


The Elder Scrolls: Legends screenshot for iPhoneThe Elder Scrolls: Legends screenshot for iPhoneThe Elder Scrolls: Legends screenshot for iPhoneThe Elder Scrolls: Legends screenshot for iPhoneThe Elder Scrolls: Legends screenshot for iPhone
(72 stars) 1,037 ratings
Price: FREE
Platform: foriPad
size: 1286.72 MB

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