Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO

(48 stars) 259,064 ratings

Price: FREEPlatform: foriPhone Developer: Niantic, Inc. size: 303.61 MB


Travel and catch Pokemon in real-life


A dream-team collaboration between Google Maps, Niantec, and Nintendo brings the extremely popular Pokemon franchise to your iOS and Android devices. Pokemon GO will have you popping out your cell phone to track and catch Pokemon favorites like Onyx, Mankey, Eevee, and more in the real world. You can also join one of three teams in your quest to capture them all: Valor, Mystic, or Instinct, as you battle your way through your city or hometown to catch and battle Pokemon. You can also take photos of Pokemon with real-world backgrounds and upload them so the whole world can see.


Pokemon GO brings truly unique and already popular gameplay that you’ll definitely enjoy, implementing the use of your phone, GPS, and your Maps app all at the same time. Animations run quite smoothly, and this game is incredibly easy to pick-up and play. You’ll also run into people playing Pokemon GO.


This game, while already immensely popular in the span of just a few days is still littered with bugs and glitches, especially frequent crashing and incorrect item gathering.


  • Simple and addictive gameplay
  • Unique
  • A lot to do and collect


  • Currently glitchy and buggy

Recently changed

- Gym features significantly updated to add the all-new motivation system. - Added new Gym Badge feature. - Added in-app and push notification system for Gyms. - Added Raid Battles, a new cooperative gameplay experience. - Added four new items available only by completing Raid Battles. - Added Raids tab to Nearby screen. - Added search functionality to Pokémon collection screen. - Added visual indicator to unvisited PokéStops.


Pokémon GO screenshot for iPhonePokémon GO screenshot for iPhonePokémon GO screenshot for iPhonePokémon GO screenshot for iPhone
(48 stars) 259,064 ratings
Price: FREE
Platform: foriPhone
size: 303.61 MB

+ By Niantic, Inc.

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