Tattletale Security

Tattletale Security

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The Application can be used by commercial clients and consumers to remotely arm/disarm, monitor, and use various Tattletale solutions. The total solution is an enterprise class solution that is easy-to-use and Do-it-Yourself (‘DIY’). Installation of Tattletale security products by users can be accomplished in minutes and feature all wireless communications to sensors enabling rapid setup and use. Users may need to support one location or ‘n’ number of remote locations. The user experience supports near real-time updating of status of the remote site, building, home, condominium, or apartment. Clients that choose to combine Tattletale portable alarm systems with Tattletale video solutions and support are also able to manage and view live video views, video recordings, fetch new additional video recordings, and archived video. In addition, leveraging Tattletale SmartCam video sensors enables intelligent video analytics to be applied to address various client opportunities. Various sensors and other M2M technologies may also be used and leverage various location-based intelligence.

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Tattletale Security screenshot for AndroidTattletale Security screenshot for AndroidTattletale Security screenshot for AndroidTattletale Security screenshot for Android
(50 stars) 24 ratings
Downloads: 5,000 - 10,000
Price: FREE
Platform: Android
size: 3.64 MB

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