Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook

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Not for sneaky work Facebooking


Facebook at Work is an internal communication tool designed to function as a professional social network within companies that choose to use it, putting it in competition with players like Redbooth and Slack. It's a great way to keep professional and personal stuff separate while fostering social connection in the workplace, plus everyone already knows how to use Facebook.


All the functionality of Facebook is here, but it's designed to be a closed community, accessible only to those given access by your employer. As such, you're able to exchange information about projects and upcoming events without mixing it with any rogue photos from last Friday night at the club.


It's only available to try out if you've set up a work account through your employer (which makes sense, given that it's meant as an internal communication tool). I can also imagine it getting annoying to have to check two apps instead of one.


  • Everyone already knows how to use Facebook
  • Separate the professional from the personal
  • Private in-house communication


  • Can only use it if your employer sets it up
  • Doubles the amount of apps you have to check

Recently changed

Invite your work contacts to join you on Workplace! We've made it easier for coworkers to join your Workplace community. Just find the people you work with in your phone's contact list and invite them instantly. (Note that this feature is only available if your Workplace administrator has enabled it.)


Workplace by Facebook screenshot for AndroidWorkplace by Facebook screenshot for AndroidWorkplace by Facebook screenshot for AndroidWorkplace by Facebook screenshot for Android
(64 stars) 115,091 ratings
Downloads: 5,000,000 - 10,000,000
Price: FREE
Platform: Android
size: 83.37 MB

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