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Viber Messenger

(70 stars) 12,562,022 ratingsDownloads: 500,000,000 - 1,000,000,000

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The new age of communication is already here

Viber is an app that lets you both give and receive voicecalls using VoIP over 3G/4G or WiFi connection. What’s more, it contains a cross-platform push text messages service that lets you send and receive text messages from your contacts around the world. Let’s see how it does work.

After downloading the app, it asks you for permission to access your phonebook. It automatically integrates your phonebook to Viber contact list, and identifies who of them is already using Viber. Anyway, if they aren’t using them you can send an invitation via SMS, Whatsapp or other similar services.

While the contacts you want to give a call to, don’t have Viber installed, you can call them, send SMS (or other messaging service), send them an e-mail or chat by using Windows Live. Once they’ve installed Viber, you will be able to call them through Viber or send them a push text messages. That easy.

Since it’s a service that uses your phone connection, its performance depends on the quality of the connection. If you’re over 3G/4G and you’re moving, you will probably notice line issues or you won’t even be able to connect. Over WiFi it works great, except for a minimum delay on the line and echo. Regarding quality sound, it isn’t perfect, but it’s the best quality sound we’ve reported in this kind of apps so far.

Viber is set in a good-looking white&purple layout and user-friendly interface. A tab bar on the bottom includes: “recents” (call log), “contacts” (list), “keypad” (dialer), “messages”, “more” (settings, about and sharing). From settings you can choose your preferences about notifications sounds, vibration, icons, and much more.

Viber ins’t perfect, but it has been one of the most successful apps on iOS and it’s no coincidence. Viber is based on VoIP, a real revolution concerning calling that allows you to call to contacts from around the World and, this is the best part, for FREE. Must have.


  • Number-based (no need to create account)
  • Push text messages
  • It runs in background (no need to launch it for receiving calls)
  • Hands-free while calling supported
  • Good sound-quality
  • User-friendly interface


  • VoIP don’t supported by some phone operators

Recently changed

Introducing the new Viber 10 - Simpler, Faster & Safer! - Brand new design with a sleeker look - Get all personal chats, groups, Communities and favorite public content in one main chat list - Find recent calls and address book contacts in the new Calls screen - More privacy: Chat with new people from your Communities and keep your phone number hidden <3 Look out for a Valentine’s Day surprise, coming very soon!


Viber Messenger screenshot for AndroidViber Messenger screenshot for AndroidViber Messenger screenshot for AndroidViber Messenger screenshot for Android


(70 stars) 12,562,022 ratings
Downloads: 500,000,000 - 1,000,000,000
Price: FREE
Platform: Android
size: 41.44 MB

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