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PayPal on-the-go

If you have ever bid and buy an item in eBay or you've ever done any other Internet transaction that required it, then you know what PayPal is. An online money account that makes more confidential and easy money transactions and payments.

The mobile app improve your efficiency since you don't need to wait to be in front of a desktop device to perform PayPal basic actions. From the app you can send money as a gift, split the bill or repay a friend. You can also check your balance (in different currencies), withdraw or add funds to your account, request money with an NFC-enabled phone and check your history (from the past 3 months only). You can also add a card, not a add or change your bank account for transfers (you'll have to do it from the web). Finally you can generate a pin code for payments via mobile number.

PayPal is set in a user-friendly interface: it has been developed as simple as possible to be understandable for everyone. Layout is cute, following PayPal browser version style. They ensure that all your information is secure with PayPal. After time-out it logs out you as security measure. High recommendable for PayPal users that own an Android.


  • Secure
  • Ease of use
  • Basic actions can be performed


  • Your account isn't full editable

Recently changed

We hope you enjoy our app! Please keep it updated so you’ve always got our latest and greatest improvements. Fixed critical bugs to increase the stability of our app.


PayPal screenshot for AndroidPayPal screenshot for AndroidPayPal screenshot for AndroidPayPal screenshot for AndroidPayPal screenshot for Android


(70 stars) 587,968 ratings
Downloads: 50,000,000 - 100,000,000
Price: FREE
Platform: Android
size: 31.89 MB

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