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ChordCalc is a simple tool for the musician who wants to figure out a chart on the go, or for anyone who wants to start learning how chords and music theory work. Play any note or chord on ChordCalc's keyboard to learn what it is!

More experienced musicians may know that a chord is much more than just a set of notes; for instance, what seems to be a diminished chord may actually just be a rootless voicing of a dominant seven chord. ChordCalc is fully aware of this and provides 12 guesses for every chord; however, its first few are nearly always correct.

Play along with your favorite songs from Google Play Music or any music player of your choice! Figure out a chart on the bus or subway. Fast and responsive audio without the need for heavyweight Pro audio SDKs.

For music theory students learning figured bass or jazz notation, this is also a great way to check your work before you turn it in. Of course, ChordCalc can't find Augmented Sixth chords without context. More advanced features and songwriting tools will be added in future versions, please leave feedback about what you would find useful!

ChordCalc is now free and open source! Check out the code and contribute at

Recently changed

- Fix Android Nougat freeze on pressing a note - Re-enable auto rotation on all devices - Increase the size of the margins used for edge scrolling


ChordCalc screenshot for AndroidChordCalc screenshot for AndroidChordCalc screenshot for AndroidChordCalc screenshot for Android
(64 stars) 8 ratings
Downloads: 1,000 - 5,000
Price: FREE
Platform: Android
size: 2.9 MB

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