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It's in the game

EA Sports is stepping forward and taking more seriously the mobile version of its most popular franchise. Actually, if you've played previous editions of FIFA for Android, you'll notice FIFA 14 is a leap away from its predecessor. Although it can't be said that the game is flawless, there's at least, some innovation on the controls, enhanced graphics and a bunch of options that bring the game closer to the console versions.

First thing you'll notice is, obviously, the graphical improvements. Mobile hardware evolves, so do graphic engines. EA Sports has made the most of them to find out the balance between outstanding graphics and smooth performance. Besides, you'll need a medium/high-end device to run it properly. There's no complaint about the quality of the graphics, but it seems EA Sports mobile didn't care for the smallest details as they do on desktop/console versions. Why? There are some (important) players that are far from looking like in real life, for example Neymar (pallid skin and beard) or Sergio Ramos (with long hair). What's more, there are some inconsistencies such as Özil's still playing in Real Madrid. Details don't keep us away from enjoying the game to the fullest, but there are still crucial.

FIFA 14 features now two different control system. The classic virtual stick and buttons which is a poor replacement of physical gamepad, and an innovative tap and swipe control mode. The latter is, actually, one of the innovations of this edition. How do they feel? So-so. It's quite difficult to get the hang of it and even when you start feeling confident with it, you still feel it isn't at the cutting edge of game controllers. It isn't about responsiveness but a concept issue. It's difficult to see players while messing with your fingers across the screen, to perform stuff at a time and have a wide range of available actions.

On the game modes / settings side, FIFA 14 is unbeatable: you can build your custom team from "Ultimate Team", training your skills, play real "Games of the Week", connect to Facebook and Origin, play online matches against other players and customize game, display, audio, controls and social features at your whim.

Finally, EA Sports is trying luck with in-app purchasing model in this new edition. Thus, players will be able to download (1.3GB free space required) and play FIFA 14 for free. However, some features will be locked unless you decide to open your Google Wallet.


  • Enhanced graphics
  • Smooth performance on medium/high-end devices
  • Different game modes including Ultimate Team and Online matches
  • Manager mode
  • Two controls mode: Tap & Swipe and virtual joypad


  • 1.3GB free storage required for installation
  • Controls aren't perfect yet
  • There are some slips on transfers

Recently changed

THE 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL HAS ARRIVED! Take to the pitch with officially licensed national teams and kits. We've even got the Adidas Brazuca ball. Compete in all-new Matches of the Week and show your pride on the world's stage. Thanks for playing FIFA 14. Get in there!


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(72 stars) 3,338,316 ratings
Downloads: 10,000,000 - 50,000,000
Price: FREE
Platform: Android
size: 1338.17 MB

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