MARVEL Contest of Champions

MARVEL Contest of Champions

(72 stars) 243,145 ratings

Price: FREEPlatform: foriPhone Developer: Kabam size: 752.75 MB


The Avengers Fight


If you're a fan of the Marvel comics and its different heroes, you'll love MARVEL Contest of Champions. It's a fun action game where you'll have the chance to put your fighting powers to the test.

The game has a series of fights, where you've got to make the best team possible in order to beat Kang and Thanos. You'll easily pick up how the game works and the different type of attacks you can use, but what is difficult is combining them so that you become the best fighter in the Marvel world.


The game's design and its graphics are fantastic. It looks like you are watching a superhero movie, and you can also become part of it. The tutorial is useful and it'll get you stuck right into this amazing adventure, where you take part in the Marvel world and where anything is possible. After winning the fights, you'll get rewards and power-ups which will help you get even better and move your fighters up to the next level.

The game has got a range of challenges, grouped by story or individual events, so it isn't likely that you get bored; there will always be a battle you can take part in.


In spite of the amout of detail and routes ahead, Marvel Contest of Champions could get a bit repetitive when it comes to the gameplay. Even so, technically it's just spectacular.


  • Well developed
  • Perfect graphics
  • Fun and well finished


  • A bit repetitive

Recently changed

Sinister Foes of Spider-Man As the Grandmaster asserts control over the Battlerealm, he decides to place the Champions in proper games suited to their abilities. Holding a particular distaste for his brother’s favourite Champion, Spider-Man, he places Peter Parker in a tight spot: Surrounded by some of his greatest nemeses! Knowing he won’t be able to fight his sinister opponents alone, Spider-Man is calling on you, Summoners, to come to his aid! Character Updates Punisher 2099 • Battery icon no longer shows the countdown timer to a new recharge. This aspect was removed to reduce the amount of activity on the hud and keep more focus on the action. • Large optimization to his ability scripting to make his abilities run smoother and create less lag in-game Bug Fixes: • The 4th Light attack in a combo should now be able to chain into a Special attack, regardless of AI difficulty • Knockback from some Light and Medium attacks have been reduced to decrease chance of dropping a combo • Fixed an issue where the Evade callout would incorrectly show up when a Champion is performing a Special attack • Fixed an issue where Champions could land a hit from their previous attack even after they triggered Evade • Fixed an issue where Armor Break would not always remove Armor Up Buffs • Fixed issues that were causing Dormammu to slow performance on some devices • Reduced the forward movement of Dormammu’s Medium attacks to bring him in line with other Champions • Made further improvement to make landing Medium attacks more consistent across different Champions • Fixed an issue causing Howard the Duck to not trigger his Regeneration against mutant opponents • Fixed Hawkeye and Gamora’s Signature Ability descriptions to note their “once per fight” limit • Fixed text error in The Hood’s Special 2 description • Added Duration of Armor Breaks in Thor’s Signature Ability description • Fixed an issue with switching Beast’s fight style mid-combo • Fixed an issue where The Hood’s Hex Damage on his Special 2 attack was not acting as Energy Damage • Fixed an issue where the Fury buff provided by Fury nodes wouldn’t interact with Nullify, and other abilities • Fixed an issue allowing Rogue’s Special 1 attack to be interrupted • Fixed an issue where the 2nd hit was missing in Abomination’s Special 2 attack • Fixed an issue where players could not combo from base attacks into Ultron’s Special 2 attack • Improved the Inseparable Synergy (all Ranks) to give the correct Special 3 attack increase • Fixed an issue with Rank 3 of Despair Synergy causing it to reduce Healing by less than it should


MARVEL Contest of Champions screenshot for iPhoneMARVEL Contest of Champions screenshot for iPhoneMARVEL Contest of Champions screenshot for iPhoneMARVEL Contest of Champions screenshot for iPhoneMARVEL Contest of Champions screenshot for iPhone
(72 stars) 243,145 ratings
Price: FREE
Platform: foriPhone
size: 752.75 MB

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