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Google Drive

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GDrive for iOS, own your own cloud

Major update: as April 25th 2012, Google Docs changed its name to Google Drive. All GDocs features are now integrated into GDrive. From now on, you can not only create and upload texts and photos and work with them online, but also upload any file and safely store it in the cloud.

Google Docs for iOS lets you access all your content in Docs from your phone. Instead of getting by the web browser which is slow and tedious, this app makes your life easier bringing shortcuts and fast access to all your documents. Basically it shows a 6 items grid that includes: all items (to see all content at a glance), collections, starred, documents, images, and more (this last to show text, spreadsheets or presentations. You also may seek documents by using the search bar. Besides checking the documents you’ve already created, you can create new documents from the app. So far, there are just three type of documents available to create (text document, spreadsheet or document from image). Moreover, you may switch among Gmail accounts if you have more than one. And that’s essentially what this Google Docs for iOS does. What we appreciate is its ease of use, its fast access to all the documents and the possibility to create news documents from our iOS device.

Google Docs isn’t doing anything that we didn’t expected, and it doesn’t even includes all the features available in the web version. It works pretty well, it’s fast and easy and allows us to check our documents while we are on the way. It's just what it has meant to be.


  • Ease to use
  • Fast access to all content
  • Create new documents from your Android
  • Online teamwork


  • We’re missing sharing options

Recently changed

* Bug fixes and performance improvements


Google Drive screenshot for iPhoneGoogle Drive screenshot for iPhoneGoogle Drive screenshot for iPhoneGoogle Drive screenshot for iPhoneGoogle Drive screenshot for iPhoneGoogle Drive screenshot for iPhone
(72 stars) 2,199,488 ratings
Price: FREE
Platform: foriPhone
size: 309.11 MB

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