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Unique Monowheel

Boom! is an action physics game where you'll work your way in order to save Pinky from Belzaar, an evil wizard who has her kidnapped. You'll need to ride a monowheel and enjoy the tricky adventures that come from using a special vehicle that challenges gravity and provides such great fun.

The final score is valued as a three-star rating that measures different achievements like getting to the end, collecting all coins, beating time and not using some of the buttons, among others.

If you didn't have enough, you can also challenge your friends and compete to see who's the quicker and who can complete the more than 80 levels first. And in addition, if friends aren't enough either, feel free to complete in global tournaments against random players.

Happy Sprites is the developer of Boom! their first application and an impressive one, we must say. Boom! has smooth physic graphics, cute characters and thrilling challenges, it's highly recommended.


  • Fun, challenging
  • Responsive controls
  • Smooth, original vehicle


  • Didn't find any. Did you?

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(72 stars) 703 ratings
Price: FREE
Platform: foriPhone
size: 55.14 MB