Race Horses Champions

Race Horses Champions

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Price: € 1.09Platform: foriPad Developer: Lucas Ferreira Franca size: 122.57 MB


Gee up, horsey

First things first. Although Race Horses won't be remembered as the Gran Turismo of horse racing, it's appreciated that someone pays attention to the thrilling world of equestrian sports. Perhaps one day we'll see games about dressage, who knows, or Roman four-horse carriage races, Ben-Hur style.

In the meanwhile, the creators of Samurai Tiger released this Race Horses Champion, in which you not only have to actually race riding the horse of your choice, but also take care of your stable and, once you have a truly champion in it, make it breed.

Regarding the race itself, they are the part of the game needing more enhancement. The use of stamina and speed bars is realistic, but the fact that you can't smash into the fence or struggle with a rival takes realism away. Likewise, you can't fall. Obstacle races would have also been welcome.

Anyway, here's one of the few games about horse racing and as such deserves our support.


  • Original and easy to learn
  • Interesting management features


  • Unrealistic physics engine

Recently changed

User Interface improved. Font size fixed for all Screen Resolutions. Minor Bugs fixed.


Race Horses Champions screenshot for iPhoneRace Horses Champions screenshot for iPhoneRace Horses Champions screenshot for iPhone
(72 stars) 778 ratings
Price: € 1.09
Platform: foriPad
size: 122.57 MB

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