Head Soccer

Head Soccer

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Brute soccer

What makes this game such addictive is its simplicity. You take control one soccer player, not a team but only one player that has both to defend its goal and try to score into its opponent. Only three movements are allowed: left/right (side-scrolling), jump, kick and power (which is a special kick). That's it. Your goal, obviously, is scoring higher than your opponent. There are no rules: you can kick your opponent in order to avoid him to grab the ball or to push him toward his goal.

The other plus point of the game are its different game modes. Users can play against CPU in three different game mdoes: Arcade (quick-matches against all characters), Tournament and Survival (how long you can keep your goal unbeaten?). What's more, there's a multiplayer mode to play against friends via bluetooth or friends+random opponents through GameCenter servers.

Finally, Head Soccer is set in cute cartoonish graphics with an excellent artwork. Its short big-headed characters surely will make you smile. Only one complaint: controls. It would be more intuitive a joypad (instead of two arrows) to move the character. Bigger buttons for making us more precise. Besides that, a highly recommended game.


  • Soccer matches as battles
  • Different game modes
  • Multiplayer mode via Bluetooth and GameCenter
  • Graphics


  • Controls should be enhanced

Recently changed

+ 2 new characters. ( Vietnam, Iran )


Head Soccer screenshot for iPhoneHead Soccer screenshot for iPhoneHead Soccer screenshot for iPhoneHead Soccer screenshot for iPhoneHead Soccer screenshot for iPhone
(80 stars) 505,260 ratings
Price: FREE
Platform: foriPhone
size: 153.49 MB

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